Maynard Schedule

Jam Time Maynard Classes

To enroll in any of the following classes please go to Jam Time class enrollment page here and select your location and class.

Kids Cardio Kickboxing

Kids Cardio Kickboxing will teach your child self-defense, self-confidence, and discipline in a fun and safe environment. Kickboxing will improve their flexibility, coordination, strength, concentration, and allow them to work out any daily frustrations. At the end of each class we work on meditation and healthy goals.  We have awesome kickboxing classes that are tailored from ages 4 yrs through middle school.

Kids Cardio Dance

Join H2K for one of our Cardio Dance classes! We will be movin’, groovin’ and working up a sweat. Each class will include a combination of circle time, dancing, games, musical obstacle courses, and exercises with mommy or daddy. We will end each class with healthy goals and meditation with our very own H2K Buddha-Dog. We offer a wide range of Cardio Dance classes from Cardio Dance with your toddler to Family and Me Cardio Dance Jr.

Mom and Baby Yoga

This class is a gentle yoga class designed to help new moms regain muscle tone, abdominal strength, and flexibility. Moms can stretch their body with their baby in front of them. Moms are free to feed their baby, change their diapers or comfort them during the class. Moms are encouraged and guided to involve the baby during the class. Moms are taught a variety of stretches which can be used while feeding. This class will be taught by Julia Walderzak who is a new mom herself!

Family and Me Classes

Family and me classes are a great way to spend time with your family while building fitness and nutritional values at a young age. Instead of going to the movies and having popcorn join us for one of our awesome classes.

Drop-off Parties

Join us for our fun drop-off parties for your little ones! We have everything from yoga and mani parties to pillow polo hockey tournaments. Have a glass of wine or dinner with friends while your child gets in some exercise and fun.