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Kids Cardio Kickboxing

Kids Cardio Kickboxing will teach your child self-defense, self-confidence, and discipline in a fun and safe environment. Kickboxing will improve their flexibility, coordination, strength, concentration, and allow them to work out any daily frustrations. At the end of each class we work on meditation and healthy goals.  We have awesome kickboxing classes that are tailored from ages 4 yrs through middle school.

Kids Cardio Dance

Join H2K for one of our Cardio Dance classes! We will be movin’, groovin’ and working up a sweat. Each class will include a combination of circle time, dancing, games, musical obstacle courses, and exercises with mommy or daddy. We will end each class with healthy goals and meditation with our very own H2K Buddha-Dog. We offer a wide range of Cardio Dance classes from Cardio Dance with your toddler to Family and Me Cardio Dance Jr. Parents are encouraged to participate in any class.

Kids Yoga

Our Kids Yoga classes are fun and energetic classes, tailored to that specific age group. Students will be brought through a wide range of yoga postures while learning about the importance of breathing and the principles of yoga. Partner poses, music, yoga adventures and stress reduction are just a few things that each class offers.

Kids Cardio Circuit Training

KCCT is a new and unique way for children to learn team building exercises and skills. Through obstacle courses, mini circuit training, and all kinds of games, there will be a little something for everyone. Kids will build self-confidence and endurance. At the end of each class, each child will be responsible for updating their weekly exercise chart and are encouraged to meet fitness goals.

Kids Movement Classes 4-10yrs

Kids Movement classes range from hip hop, ballet, theater movement and intro to acro! Our kids movement classes are fun, upbeat, high energy classes for young dancers or for children interested in moving in a creative and safe environment. They will work on flexibility and will be introduced to basic movements to promote agility, self-confidence, and discipline. Like many of our H2K classes we will always end class with mediation and healthy goals.

Little Kids Movement Classes 1-3 yrs

Please check out our super fun and active classes specifically designed for your little ones. Classes range from dance, creative movement, music and storytelling.  Please check the schedule for featured classes such as Active Soles, Kids Jam Time and more!

To register for Winter 2017 Super Soccer Stars classes, search for H2K Happy Healthy Kids on their schedule here!

Teen Classes

Join us for our teen and young adult yoga and Kickboxing classes. Teen yoga is wonderful class that is a combination of Kundalini, Restorative and Hatha yoga with focus on breath work, meditation and partner poses. It is the perfect class to strengthen your mind, body and help to relieve stress for your teen or yourself. If your Teen is more inclined for a high intensity work out let them try one of our kickboxing classes. We use kickboxing choreography, circuit training, agility training and actual kick bags to help build confidence while getting in a great work out. Each class also offer self-defense and mediation. If dancing is their thing check out our Cardio Dance or teen fusion classes.

Family and Me Classes

Family and me classes are a great way to spend time with your family while building fitness and nutritional values at a young age. Instead of going to the movies and having popcorn join us for one of our awesome classes. We offer a variety of classes from family and me yoga, family and me kickboxing and family and me cardio dance! Tuition includes parents and 1 child. Each additional child  is $60.Tuition includes parents and 1 child. Each additional child is $60.

Mom and Baby Classes

Moms can stretch their body with their baby in front of them. Moms are free to feed their baby, change their diapers or comfort them during the class. Moms are encouraged and guided to involve the baby during the class. Moms are taught a variety of stretches which can be used while feeding.

Adult Classes

Curvy Yoga: This class is designed for larger men and women, and aims to create an atmosphere of comfort for all skill levels. Whether you are interested in beginning a yoga practice, or have been practicing for years, this class is a great space if you have previously felt uncomfortable in typical yoga classes. The class will incorporate stretching and strength poses, with modifications or props available to aid all members.
Renew and Restore Yoga: This class begins with core strengthening poses, balancing poses and hip openers. The last 30 minutes of class will include deeply relaxing restorative yoga poses with hands on energy work. This class is a perfect combination of total body strengthening and relaxation. All levels are welcome and postpartum and prenatal modifications will be given for our new and expecting mommies.

Mom’s Night Out Events

Check out our awesome mom’s night out events! We offer everything from yoga and wine parties, jewelry making and yoga, and  cooking demos. Classes book fast. Why not treat yourself to a little grownup time with some real grownup conversation?

Drop-off Parties

Join us for our fun drop-off parties for your little ones! We have everything from yoga and mani parties to pillow polo hockey tournaments. Have a glass of wine or dinner with friends while your child gets in some exercise and fun.


Summer Camp season is now over! Check back next Spring for 2017 Summer Camp Dates! To see descriptions for some camps we offered this summer, visit this link.

H2K Wellness BootCamp Dates:

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