Teen Classes

Middle School and Teen Classes

H2K Specializes in Middle School and Teen Fitness Classes. Whether or not your child is an all-star athlete or hates working out we have the class for you. All of our classes are carefully instructed to meet all fitness levels. We always incorporate mindful activities and meditation into all of our classes to help de-stress and give your child the tools to deal with anxiety and he pressures of day to day life. Check out one of our yoga, kickboxing or circuit training classes!

Middle School Kickboxing 11-14yrs

Middle School Kickboxing will teach your child self-defense, self-confidence, and discipline in a fun and safe environment. They will work on circuit training, core exercises, partner drills, boxing choreography and bag work. They will also be introduced to activities to improve their mind and body awareness. Each class will end with mediation and healthy goals.

Teen Yoga 13yrs+

This class will focus on strengthening and relaxing the body, mind, and spirit. With a combination of hatha yoga sequences, breath work, age-appropriate mindfulness activities, and meditation, your teen will leave class feeling empowered, centered, and connected! Each class will end with mediation and healthy goals.