Kid Classes

Kids Classes

H2K offers a variety of fun fitness classes for children! We offer everything from kids cardio kickboxing to cardio dance, yoga, circuit training, hip hop, play and pretend and tumbling. All of our classes are in a safe and nurturing environment. We welcome every child no matter the fitness level. We end each class with mediation and healthy goals to work on!

Tiny Tots Tumblers 1-2yrs

Improve your child’s balance and fine motor skills with our super fun Tiny Tot Tumblers class. This class will have balance practice, and motor skills development! With the use of balance beams, hula hoops, games and your more your child will engage in a creative class learning acrobatics, tumbling and more.

Lil’ Ninjas 3.5-5yrs

Lil’ Ninjas is an imaginative fitness class combining elements of kickboxing, tumbling, and many obstacle courses. Each class will engage your child on a journey through their first Ninja Academy! This class provides a fun and exciting atmosphere while building basic strength, agility, and self-control skills.

Lil’ Hip Hoppers 4-7yrs

Lil’ Hip Hoppers is a fun, upbeat, high energy Hip Hop dance class for young dancers. Students will be introduced to basic choreography and acrobatic movements to promote coordination and agility. Class will also incorporate dance games, stretching, and relaxation.

Kids Cardio Kickboxing 6-11yrs

Kids Cardio Kickboxing will teach your child self-defense, self-confidence and discipline in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. We will learn different punches and kicks, boxing drills, bag work, non-contact sparring and work on core strength. We will end each class with healthy goals and meditation with our very own H2K Buddha-Dog.